Your Teen Daughter and Dating

Now that my daughters have reached teenage hood, I know dating will be right around the corner. Not that silly elementary school boyfriend girlfriend stuff, but real honest to goodness dating. My husbands’ idea of dealing with this is to make sure any boy who comes calling sees him sharpening knives or playing with some life threatening power tool. I think we’ll go my way first, setting the ground rules for dating.

Setting ground rules with your daughter shouldn’t be too hard; after all she wants to date so she should be in a fairly compromising mood. My first maneuver, making sure we discussed sex. I knew we had many times before, but I don’t think reminding them of the consequences of sex one more time, all right, thirty more times is going to hurt.

With that out of the way it’s time to move on to curfew. Every parent will have a different idea on what is an appropriate curfew. I feel it should depend on your daughters’ age, responsibility, and attitude. The attitude is thrown in to make sure she is equipped to better protect herself, if you know what I mean. Curfew is law, if curfew is broken, consequences need to be set in place and enforced. I would say grounded and the next time I allow you to go on a date, I get to dress you. Sounded fair to me.

Dating can in no way affect school performances. If your grades start slipping you aren’t dating. School should always be first priority. Any boy she’s dating will most likely not end up being her husband, so school should always come first.

You always have the final say! Whether it’s on the guy, the location of the date, or the vehicle that will be used as transportation to and from said location of date. If something feels off to you, it probably is. Voice your concerns then come to an extremely quick conclusion, do you trust your daughter and your skills as a parent enough to let her go out? If not, you can always offer to chaperone.

Any boy expecting to take my daughter out will come to the door and see how crazy his date’s family really is. This is not negotiable. He will come to the door and meet us. This way I’ll have things to make fun of him over after she gets home.

Always make it abundantly clear, any change in plans warrants a phone call. Also if they are ever uncomfortable in a situation or in an emergency they are to call home immediately.

I know the first few dates will turn me into a total basket case. I will worry myself sick until they get home. But in the end, dating is a part of life and a fun one at that, so I know I will get over the panic attacks, at least I hope so. I’m not ready for baby shower games too soon.

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