Review: Hodak’s in St. Louis, MO

Our family has enjoyed eating at Hodak’s Restaurant in St. Louis, MO for several years now. Hodak’s is known for serving up American food of all types. There are several reasons why our family enjoys eating in this restaurant.

Hodak’s restaurant has been in St. Louis for a number of years now. It sits in a non descript part of town amongst an industrial area. It is not your dress up and put on your suit and tie sort of restaurant. It is more of put the kids in the car and let them make some noise type of eatery. Hodak’s in St. Louis is busy most all of the time so it is a lively atmosphere that’s for sure.

When we arrived on a Thursday night the place was very busy. We only had to wait 5 minutes before getting a table though, so that was nice. Our waitress was friendly, took our drink orders, and handed us all menus. Now Hodak’s is known for their specialty…fried chicken! They are said to serve up the best fried chicken in all of St. Louis, so that is what we ordered. Even better are the prices. A half chicken with cold ice tea was less than $10.

Hodak’s is a good place to take the kids. It has been my siblings’ favorite whenever thay know I’d visit home, which I seldomly do these days. So we looked around and have seen many families with children all having a good time. While we waited on our food to be served, we enjoyed the fresh bread and butter that were served to us. But it didn’t take long for our main course to follow. In less than 12 minutes we were served our order. The chicken was piping hot.

Hodak’s serves up their chicken with their own special recipe. The breading on the skin is light, not thick, and is very crispy. There wasn’t that greasy taste that you get at so many fast food chains. You may also want to try their barbeque sauce on your chicken. It is quite tasty.

Along with the chicken we also had sides of baked beans and potato salad. Both of these sides were excellent. The baked beans were sweet tasting and not over powering with sauce. This was one delicious meal.


  • Good food
  • Great place for children
  • Lively atmosphere
  • Good service with low prices


  • Very crowded at times
  • Can be quite noisy at times

I would have to say that our experience at Hodak’s Restaurant in St. Louis, MO was a good one. If you are looking for good fried chicken to go along with a child friendly atmosphere, then Hodak’s is the place to go.

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