Great Chinese Food in San Jose, California

Let me start off by saying “I have never tasted Tofu that tasted so good.”

Let’s face it. A lot of people try to do Chinese food and the food just doesn’t come out right. The food has either been under the heat lamps to long, the sauce is too spicy, or the customer service is just awful.

This is not the case at Chinese Gourmet Express in San Jose, California. Located at 2200 Eastridge Loop # 9203, San Jose, CA 95122, the restaurant is now at the mall and close to several major downtown attractions and businesses.

For $16.19 we had Orange Chicken, BBQ Pork, Mandarin Chicken, Spicy Tofu, Black Bean Chicken, fried rice, chow mein and Pepper Steak. This Chinese meal also included drinks with the total price. That’s a lot of food for such a small price. Chinese Gourmet Express has menu items starting at a dollar and even offers a family meal for four.

chinese-food-cooking-wokMy fiancée said the best thing on the plate was the Mandarin Chicken. I have to agree the best thing on her plate was the Mandarin Chicken. The chicken was very tender and the sauce had just the right amount of ginger to it. I like the fact that the chicken was not covered with large amounts of sauce too.

I have to say the best thing on my plate was the Spicy Tofu. If you have ever tasted Tofu before, you know that some people can not do Tofu well. The Spicy Tofu is wonderful. They start out by grilling Tofu and eggplant together in a wok. Then they add this great Chinese dark sauce.

I tried to get the cook to tell me if it was Hoisin sauce or black bean but I couldn’t understand him. His English was very poor but his cooking was excellent.

The only item that I was disappointed with was the BBQ Pork. I’m sure it was probably great when they first brought it out but by the time we got to the BBQ Pork, it was hard.

The best time to come for hot fresh food is just before lunch and around 5pm. I was told by the staff that this was the time that the first pile of hot fresh food goes into the serving area.

Chinese Gourmet Express is also great with Catering. I have had their catering in the past. The food is always hot and fresh.

All in all I look forward to eating there again when my fiancée and I see another movie. The decor for a fast food restaurant is really pleasant and clean. The food is good, the staff is polite and the service is super fast.


Disclaimer:  I will have to apologize if ever the prices for the meal as stated above have been changed at the time of this writing. Otherwise, enjoy your meal and I’m sure you’ll come back for more like us. 

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