Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle Gems

One of my friends handed me these at a gift exchange I was invited to and along with the present came these Godiva Gems. These looked amazing and I have actually wanted to try these for a while. They looked fantastic from the box and couldn’t wait to dig in.

Info: The package comes with 12 balls of dark chocolate individually wrapped which is awesome. These are actually pretty good on the nutrition stats for dark chocolate balls. They have 180 calories for 4 balls or each one. The nutrition stats look normal for dark chocolate and can’t say much more about them. They look great and I’m ready to eat them.

Look: After carefully unraveling the wrapping of the bag, I pulled one of the balls out that was individually wrapped in purple and gold reflective paper. They looked fabulous just without eating them and brought the quality of Godiva without even eating one product as always. I opened one up and looked at the ball of chocolate that was in my hand. It was solid on the outside and smelled like dark chocolate.

Taste: Taking my first bite and only bite because it was a ball, it was great. Though the outside was solid, the inside was smooth almost swirled chocolate which made the bite really easy. The taste was fantastic and you can enjoy them guilt free. Each one has 45 calories which is pretty good for dark chocolate. These tasted fantastic and would probably eat these instead of actual hard dark chocolate.

Overall these were great. Though I don’t know what the price was and even though they’re Godiva, they were great. The dark chocolate was rich and the inside filing was creamy and fantastic. For any chocolate lover out there, pick up some Godiva Gems.

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