Brave New Mommy: Baby Showers Beyond Pink and Blue

There’s a new breed of mommies in town. They don’t need the traditional powder pink or blue baby shower decorations. They will pale at the sight of baby chick yellow. Instead, make the baby shower both festive and chic with a modern color scheme.

Black and White and Fill in the Blank

Black and white can serve as the dramatic background to any modern baby shower. The bold contrast sets the background and you can script in one bright color to take center stage. Black and white decorations are easy to find in any local party store or the party aisle at you local retailer. Consider these happy hues when decorating with an elegant black and white color scheme. Using a brighter and bolder version of traditional yellow, pink or blue adds a playful twist to traditional baby shower decor.

Black, White and Yellow

Use sunshine or Smiley Face yellow rather than a creamy butter yellow. Themes which work in this baby shower color scheme include rubber ducks, sunflowers, bumble bees, zebras, moons and stars or daffodils.

Black, White and Red

Both rebel moms and elegant will love their black, white and red baby shower decorations. Go for broke with a full-on formal affair. Ask guests to wear black and white with red accessories, or ask them to wear a red dress or shirt. A pirate theme works well with black, white and red and gives you endless options for party favors and activities: treasure chests, eye patches, gold chocolate coins and a baby shower themed treasure hunt.

The black, white and red baby shower color scheme also lends itself to a movie theater theme, where the mom-to-be is the star! Present favors in popcorn boxes, make a star walk of fame and don’t forget the sunglasses and red carpet.

Chocolate Brown, White and Teal

Add one part espresso or chocolate brown with one part ice white and one part appealing teal and you have one gem of a baby shower color theme. Chocolate brown pairs well with many shades of blue. The teal will add an energetic feel to the decor. Layer your color scheme with a theme to match, including penguins, polka dots, monograms, birds, tree branches or the family tree.

Teal, Purple, Black and Gold

Host a peacock theme for the baby shower. Decorate with peacock feathers and small images of birds. The wide color scheme lets you decorate with multiple colors on the tables, ideal for anyone who seems to host a lot of baby showers and has left over plates or napkins in different colors.

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