Review: All Natural Buttery Non-Stick Cooking Spray by Sunny Select

Cooking sprays have changed the way we cook. Long gone are the days where food had to be drenched in fat to ensure that it was cooked evenly on all sides. Health-conscious cooks can now use cooking sprays to cut back on the amount of fat added to food rather than have an unappetizing oil slick collect on their plate.

I am put off when I see TV chefs and cooks adding copious amounts of oil and fat to food during the cooking process. When the end result is touted as “healthy” I do wonder whether this is an entirely truthful claim or whether they are simply just trying to sell their product. I tend to lean toward the latter conclusion. I regularly use cooking sprays so that we can eat healthier meals and also avoid the oily build up that appears on the plate when the food has been served. There is so much variety to choose from. You can choose butter, canola flavored cooking sprays and much more, depending on personal preference. I usually opt for butter flavored cooking sprays.

Our usual brand of cooking spray had run out. While out shopping, we chose All Natural Buttery Non-Stick Cooking Spray by Sunny Select for just $1.00. This was a great price and similar to what we would usually use, which is why we opted for this variety of cooking spray. But at just $1.00, would this cooking spray let us down?

Fortunately, All Natural Buttery Non-Stick Cooking Spray by Sunny Select was a great choice. We have used this spray on a number of occasions when cooking stir fries, while sautéing onions and mushrooms and during other meal preparation. The ingredients did not stick to the pan and burn; nor was extra cooking spray required as a top up halfway through the cooking process. This proved that this brand of cooking spray was a good quality product even though it did only cost $1.00.

I would highly recommend All Natural Buttery Non-Stick Cooking Spray by Sunny Select. If you are looking for an affordably priced cooking spray that will help you create healthier, tastier meals without having to resort to heavy fats and oils to do the job for you, then this product will be right for you. There is no need to compromise on taste when preparing meals that are lower in fat. Just choose a cooking spray that will work well for you and your family.

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