Hi mate! My name is Chris Phillips and I am the owner of this blog (obviously). By heart, I have always loved eating good food and learning how the best cooking is done. I am not a certified chef but my taste buds would really separate me from the normal eaters. I used to cook a lot but when heavy workloads started down-pouring (thank God), I only got to maximize my time in the kitchen by trying out some easy-to-prepare dishes.

I do not want to let go of the thought of me cooking new dishes forever, so that is why I decided to create this blog for myself and for those who are looking for cool information about cooking stuff, restaurant reviews and the like.

I’m an IT guy by the way. So now you can grasp the overwhelming information my brain gets to process everyday? If I made a mistake or some misinformation or not-updated facts, please use the comments box or directly contact me so I can correct them right away.

My fiancee and I get to explore the eating places at least once or twice a month. That is actually the bonding time we could get for the time being since she is also busy these days. We own a cat though. So I still enjoy someone’s company at my apartment in the city.

Perhaps you’re trying to imagine now how I look like, mmm? Nah, I’m not fat just yet (not that it’s bad) but since I said I love eating, so probably your brain waves automatically maneuvered your imagination. I’m still into health consciousness’ borderlines. In fact, you might see more health-related articles here soon. I hate the way my job lets me sit all day but I love the nature of it in giving me information and access to connect with everyone like you.

So, can we be friends now?