Best Tips for Food Conservation

You can easily get the best vacuum sealer (find the best vacuum sealer guide here) on Amazon. These machines have developed over the years to become a common tool in most households today. Simply put, this refers to a special method of packaging that is used to remove air from a package before sealing. In particular, this technique often involves putting items in a special plastic film package and extracting the air from the interior. Following, this the package is then sealed, and this provides excellent food conservation benefits.

Brave New Mommy: Baby Showers Beyond Pink and Blue

There’s a new breed of mommies in town. They don’t need the traditional powder pink or blue baby shower decorations. They will pale at the sight of baby chick yellow. Instead, make the baby shower both festive and chic with a modern color scheme. Black and White and Fill in the Blank Black and white […]

Family Dinners for Less Than Five Dollars

Okay, times are tight. If you are a family of five your monthly grocery budget likely rivals or even exceeds your monthly rent or mortgage. If you’re like me you’ve probably hit the internet looking for “cheap recipes” and come up with sites that think dinner for less than ten dollars is a good deal. […]


Review: Hodak’s in St. Louis, MO

Our family has enjoyed eating at Hodak’s Restaurant in St. Louis, MO for several years now. Hodak’s is known for serving up American food of all types. There are several reasons why our family enjoys eating in this restaurant. Hodak’s restaurant has been in St. Louis for a number of years now. It sits in […]


Depression Era Foods – Origin of Snacks

It is the aisle in your grocery store across from the soda aisle. The one that sells the crunchy fried food in sealed plastic bags. The snack aisle. You have bought snacks before, but what do you know about them? Let’s take that bag they came in. The one that has 50 percent air in […]


Review: All Natural Buttery Non-Stick Cooking Spray by Sunny Select

Cooking sprays have changed the way we cook. Long gone are the days where food had to be drenched in fat to ensure that it was cooked evenly on all sides. Health-conscious cooks can now use cooking sprays to cut back on the amount of fat added to food rather than have an unappetizing oil […]